Post Office’s History

Of interest, this is what the layout used to be…

The bunk bedroom was the public entrance and combined with the 4-Poster bedroom area, together they formed the ‘public’ side of the Post Office, with a famously beautiful long wooden countertop (where the wall now is that the 3-seater couch is against). The rest of today’s Lounge was where the staff worked and sorted the mail.

The ‘Safe’ room – today renamed the Peacock Bedroom – was the Post Master’s office.

The west-wing’s kitchen was the Telephone Exchange room, with telephonists working on shifts from early morning until late in the evening – there are still several local residents who well remember working at the Post Office … this iconic building was the ‘heart’ of the local community.

The original entrance to the PhoneBox (today’s shower) was from the porch. Opposite it is the door to the Telephone Exchange (back-door to the kitchen), with its slot where locals would pay the Telephonist to use the phone (the ladies were never allowed to open the door in case a man was feeling amorous after drinking at the pub a few doors up).

Today’s Dorm Room was the lounge of the Post Master’s residence, with the rest of the building’s east-wing being his home.

Adjacent to this iconic building is what today is a garage, but we suspect it was the original Post Office or Post Master’s residence because it contains remnants of a very old kitchen – its history is still vague.

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